New Products from Tillamook


Since proceeds from all Tillamook dairy products purchased in March will benefit the Great Food Drive, it's the perfect time to check out some of our latest and greatest Tillamook products. From our newest product to join the cheese family, our Sauce Starters, to new flavors of our Farmstyle Greek Yogurt. You can also find brand new flavors in our family-size ice creams, our special batch ice creams, limited time seasonal ice cream flavors, and our brand new Chocolate Mudslide Ice Cream Sandwich.

Did you know that Tillamook is a farmer-owned and farmer-led co-op? About 90 farmer families own Tillamook and call the shots, while still running their own farms. Many of these families have been farming in Tillamook County for multiple generations. Our farmers have a deep-rooted pride in Tillamook products and their values guide our business. Take a peek inside the co-op for in-depth stories from our passionate farmer-owners.

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